Real Estate Home Staging News Roundup Week of 12/5/2011

Posted on Dec 8, 2011 in Staged4more

Color Trends and Inspiration

Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2012 There are a few “events” on the Apartment Therapy editorial calendar that are marked with a big red circle. One of them is the launch of the new IKEA catalog each August and another is the announcement of Pantone’s pick for “Color of the Year”, which the community always likes to weigh in on. Well, today is the day! Drumroll please – the color of the year for 2012 is….tangerine tango!

Staging News

A Pretty Home Done Up in Shabby Vintage
Style Tips and Tricks

Covet chairs. chairs are my thing. the thing i can’t live without, the things i covet. like this pair of awesome eames wire chairs, the very cool looking patio chair from la silla acapulco(i think i could even live with it indoors). and this big hunk of handsome black leather chair from rue and this gray one shot by pierre-jean verger — swoon!

Property of the Week

“Breaking Dawn:” Edward & Bella’s Tropical Honeymoon Hideaway in Brazil I read all of Stephenie Meyers’ books in the series when they first came out and was frankly not crazy about this one (couldn’t get past the “baby” storyline). I was eager to get a look at Bella and Edward’s honeymoon hideaway on “Isle Esme,” though, so I tracked it down. It’s a pretty fabulous beach house. Wanna see?

Not So Local Faves and Raves (but still SUPER cool!)

Five Eco-Friendly Houses to Try Green Living Before You Buy Shrugging off the trappings of our resource-intensive society for something a little less damaging to the environment is no easy feat, so perhaps it’s wise to consider renting an eco-friendly pad before committing to a purchase. To that end, a quick search of the vacation-rental site AirBnb turns up some awesome places to try out green living. Up first is the itHouse in the desert enclave of Pioneertown, Calif. Equipped with solar panels, well water, and glass walls, the one-bedroom house is completely “off-the-grid.” The self-sufficient structure rents for $350 per night and lies some two hours outside of Los Angeles, not far from Palm Springs. Like many of that town’s modernist homes, the itHouse has a clean aesthetic that makes the sacrifices more bearable.


  1. CEA
    December 8, 2011

    <b>Real Estate</b> Home Staging <b>News</b> Roundup Week of 12/5/2011 <b>…</b>

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    December 8, 2011

    <b>Real Estate</b> Home Staging <b>News</b> Roundup Week of 12/5/2011 <b>…</b>

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