Pin-pointing Your Style

Posted on Dec 13, 2011 in Staged4more

Are you on Pinterest? We often get innundated with so many different social media sites, it’s hard to know which ones to join and which ones to avoid. Pinterest is a great source of daily inspiration. While Twitter is a constant stream of thoughts and information, and Facebook is a more broad platform for sharing daily life — Pinterest seems to be more about style, taste, hopes, inspiration. Just snapshots of not just who people are — but who they want to be.

For staging and decorating — it can be a goldmine of ideas for big spaces and small spaces, empty walls, or do it yourself projects.

This color palette from Design Seeds is a great springboard for decorating an entire home!

I don’t know if I would recommend pink walls — but for this room it works. It’s so dainty and pretty!

Just love how this room is decorated — the purple and the white is very relaxing. Perfect for a bedroom!

How much do you LOVE this kitchen and dining room? Lots and lots, right? Would you have even considered this color if you hadn’t been inspired on Pinterest? : )

If you have some downtime this holiday, consider checking it out. You never know what you might find that will help you get you through the holidays or get your New Year’s started just right!

Image Sources: Design Seeds, Sipaco, Home Decor

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