Handmade Sonoma Wine Country Wedding


+ Decor planning with the couple
+ Helping client to pinpoint their color scheme and decor designs
+ Collaborated with the couple on the look and feel of the decor
+ Sourced decor choices and fabricated props for decor
+ Prop & lighting rental
+ On day of the wedding, placed vignettes, furnishing and styled the decor
+ Set up additional lighting for the reception and bar
+ Arranged the floral centerpieces for the wedding reception, for the bar area and the welcome/reception area.

This was a great project and we had a lot of fun working with the couple on making their vision come true. And it was quite an honor! It takes a lot of trust to have someone style your wedding, and we cannot thank our client enough for the collaborative process.

The couple was very creative and hands on. They had a lot of great ideas for their wedding and wanted the wedding to be unique and reflect their personalities. It was a very lovely handmade wedding.

The talented Sonya Yruel Photography shot the photographs for the wedding event and dinner.

Sweet Handmade Sonoma Wedding

Sweet Handmade Sonoma Wine Country Wedding

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