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Staging has become a new buzzword of the real estate industry. I often have homeowners calling me to inquire about staging, but after in-depth conversation, I realize that they often a) don’t know why they need to stage their house, they just know they should b) have a complete misunderstanding about staging and therefore have unreasonable expectations of what goes on when a professional stager stages his/hers home.

To explain staging in brief: Staging is not about decorating, it is about marketing. Think of when Nike comes out with a new pair of shoes, they package the product and make it fabulous and appeal to as many potential buyers as possible before they roll out for the mass consumers. Same with selling a home. As a home seller, once I have decided to place my home on the market, my home now becomes a listing, a real estate product that opens its doors to the general public. What staging does is to package and market the home to make it show-ready to appeal to a broad spectrum of buyers, therefore staging helps to sell listings quicker in both hot and cold real estate markets, and potentially for more money.

So now your home is staged, now what? Just because of your home is staged, it doesn’t mean that it’s automatically attracting buyers to open houses. It still has to be marketed properly. Like great food is paired with great wine that brings out the food’s flavor and depth, same with your home. Now your home is staged, it needs to be pair with good photographs to make the home attractive. Staging has duel purposes: not only staged homes should to show well in person, staged homes should also show well on the internet. This is the online shopping age, people even buy cars over internet and it is no longer strange to buy homes off ebay. With 80% of buyers start their home purchases online, it is extremely important to pull the buyers into the open houses by having great listing photos.

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