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Hello there, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

2016 signifies a lot of major change for us at Staged4more. First of all, we are turning 10. Second of all, like I mentioned on the last episode of our podcast, we will be mostly virtual this year. This decision was not made lightly. As I’ve mentioned on the podcast, when we’re looking at the next 10 years and looking at our own personal goals, we feel that focusing on education will make the most impact.

Personally, I’ve always joked that if I’m not married by 35, I’ll be moving to Europe for art school. So, yeah, that’s what’s happening (but for 9 months, not forever). I’ll be living abroad most of this year, going home to Asia for couple months and then off to London for styling & design intensives.

What Does This Mean for You?

Pretty much not a whole lot of major changes if you are a regular blog reader or podcast listener, unless you need hands-on staging done in the bay area. Unfortunately, we are unavailable for that this year. But there are many competent and talented stagers in the bay area, you’ll be fine.

Overall for 2016, we’ll be focusing on producing useful and practical content on home staging, styling & decorating for homeowners, agents and business hacks for creatives & stagers. These contents include blog posts, podcast episodes and possibly even videos.

This is also why I spent the holidays migrating our site and overhauling the look to be more of a blog site, instead of a brochure site. Now there are two menu bars on the website: the top one contains general company pages and the main bar contains blog categories for easy access and reading.

I’m also planning on launching more courses:

  • Stage Your House Like A Pro will get a small upgrade on 2/4/2016 with a new site and some bonus content. Price will be bumped up slightly for the upgrade. So if you haven’t taken advantaged of the winter promo, you should probably do it soon.
  • I’ll be launching a business course this summer sharing EVERYTHING I’ve done building a 6-figure home staging business: what I’ve learned, had done successfully, had failed miserably, and what I wish I had done differently. It’s essentially a giant Q&A about how to run & build a home staging business. The title is still TBA, but you can sign up for notifications here when I’m ready to beta test (i.e. I need beta testers!).
  • More mini-courses / webinars and possibly ebooks.
  • Collaborations & partnerships with other bloggers or brands to bring you more content.

My Top 3 Focus Areas for 2016

I’m calling them “focus areas” because I’m honestly a bit over goals. I feel like new year goals / resolutions usually end up becoming a to-do list or something that makes you feel guilty or bad about yourself. No more of that, mkay? Here are my top three focus areas for 2016.

1. Cracking the Work/Life Balance Myth

If you’re a new business owner reading this, yeah, sorry to break it to you, there’s no such thing called the “work/life balance” when you own your own business. I had a rude awakening last year that really forced me to scale back work and re-evaluate my work/life balance. My goal this year is to have more of a balance between work & life, which is something I’ve pretty much ignored for the past 10 years. I’ve made a lot of personal sacrifices to build my business, while I don’t regret most of it, it is time to slow down a little bit and take some time for myself.

2. Create More & More Collaborations

I think the podcast has a more profound benefit than I originally anticipated. The more experts I speak with and interview, the less I feel like I know about design. I know it’s a funny thing to say, especially I’ve been doing it for almost a decade.

I’ve always been fascinated by how artists/designers/creatives use visuals to tell stories and various ways of telling stories. In 2016, I’d like to branch out and explore other venues of creative expressions. I’d also love to collaborate more with other creatives on projects. It’s a bit of an unknown territory, but I think it will be fun to push my boundaries a bit.

3. Less Overwhelm, More Productivity

I work a lot but somehow I never feel that I’ve accomplished all that much. Then I feel very overwhelmed because I feel like there are still so much to do. I get stuck on the technicality of things. Instead of taking immediate action, sometimes I over-think things and then nothing gets done. I’d like to get off the hamster wheel on that. It’s just not a great feeling. I’ve been trying a few different productivity techniques, will keep you posted on that!

I’d also love to automate, batch and schedule more. As you know, I’m a big fan of automation and systems, both of these things save time (and often money), not to mention help you to be more productive so you can focus on other important areas of your business that make the more impact. I also want to get into data more and get a better understanding of our margins and what makes sense for the business.

So that’s my top 3 focus areas for 2016! What are yours?

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