Occupied Home Staging & Designing a Happy Home with Home Stager & Interior Designer Holly Bellomy | Season 4 Episode 7

On today’s show, I’m interviewing home stager and interior designer Holly Bellomy. The reason I brought her on the show today was that I wanted to interview someone who specializes in doing occupied homes, as well as having a strong design background that can give you the information on how to pull rooms together when you’re living in the home while selling the house. There’s also some useful information for those of you who’re building a home staging business as well. 

“Imaginative, Happy, Charming” has always described Holly herself every bit as much as it describes her beautiful designs. Prior to following a creative path, however, Holly earned an education degree and teaching credential. She then taught at the elementary school level before having and staying at home with her own children.

In 2006, Holly launched a home staging business. Clients soon clamored for her to design their new homes, as well, leading to the birth of Holly Bellomy Interiors as a full-service interior design firm.

Today, Holly transforms her clients’ homes into spaces that support and uplift their spirits through organized, peaceful living. Her designs are further distinguished by their imagination and warmth.

A design experience with Holly is like no other. Her clients seek beautiful, well-designed homes that also have ‘heart.’ They find in Holly a designer whom they can trust to reflect their passion for family in their rooms.

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On Today’s Show, We Discussed:

  • Biggest advantages of occupied home staging
  • When sellers have no skin in the game
  • The most challenging part of doing occupied home staging
  • What to do when you don’t have enough home accessories or furniture to stage your house
  • What you should hide for your listing photos
  • How to decrease stress when you’re selling your home while living in it
  • The most common mistake when it comes to creating focal point in your home
  • Holly’s transition from home staging to interior design
  • Juggling motherhood and a home staging & design career
  • Difference between home staging and interior design
  • The importance of feeling good in your home
  • How your home environment reflects your emotional state
  • You can boost your outlook by changing your environment
  • Full-service interior design
  • Repurposing items for home design
  • Shopping at IKEA for props
  • Coming up with a color scheme for interior design
  • Choosing colors for selling
  • Colors work well for staging
  • How to work in colors
  • Color selection for your home
  • Finishes for selling
  • When it comes to selling, should you invest the budget into something practical or something visual?
  • What buyers think about when they tour the home
  • When to start making upgrades and updates when preparing your home for sale
  • The most design principles when it comes to staging & design 
  • What to spend money on when it comes to your home
  • How colors can affect youHow to make your rooms look more interesting
  • How to use textures in your home
  • What my real estate trainer told me about buyers
  • How photography plays into design work and building a design business
  • How to work with photographers
  • How photographers work
  • The way camera sees things is different than how our eyes see things
  • The first impression is no longer at the curb
  • Over 70% of people now order furniture online before seeing it in person
  • Here’s how you can update your home on a budget based on your budget and timeline
  • Differences between level 1 and level 2 granite
  • What’s the one thing in your home you can change to instantly update and upgrade in your home
  • Why don’t staged homes sell
  • Holly’s number 1 tip for getting your home ready to sell

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Connect with Holly

Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/hollybellomy

Holly’s website: http://www.hollybellomy.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HollyBellomyInteriors/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HollyBellomy

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/holly_bellomy/

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/HollyBellomy/

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