Podcast Interview Open Call

Hi there! We’re currently looking for guests to come on our podcast The Home Staging Show for 2017!

We are looking for

  • Real estate agents who can speak on the following topics:
    • Working with today’s buyers
    • What today’s buyers are working for
    • Curb appeal
    • Home inspection
    • Helping sellers getting through their sale
    • Marketing listings
    • Converting browsers into buyers
    • Open houses do’s and don’ts
  • Home stagers who can speak on the following topics:
    • How to stage homes to appeal to today’s buyers
    • Curb appeal
    • How to help sellers to figure out how to stage their homes
    • Staging do’s and don’ts
    • How to prioritize and organize when it comes to getting the home ready to sell
    • Design for real estate staging
    • How do you put a staging plan together
    • How do you come up with the color palette for the homes
    • How do you space plan and plan the furniture for the sale
  • Any other real estate professionals such as home inspectors, landscape designers, photographers, etc. who can speak on getting the home ready for sale

If you’re interested, please email podcast (at) staged4more (dot) com to arrange to time for your interview. Please tell us in the email:

  • What topics can you speak about?
  • What kind of real estate professional are you (realtor, stager, etc.)?
  • How many years have you been in the business?
  • How much real estate have you sold or staged or handled?

Thanks so much and happy new year!

Photo Credit: Kai Oberhauser

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