Pre Sale of the Cash in the Cushions 6-Week Home Stagers’ Business Boot Camp is Now Live!

WOOHOO! For those of you who’ve been waiting for the Cash in the Cushions Home Staging Business Boot Camp, the presale is now officially open!

Use code q8hx52QX when you check out to save $300 on the course. During check out, click on “Have a coupon?” Enter your code and save $300 off the boot camp.

This boot camp is basically 6-week live course that is a giant FAQ session on how to build a profitable home staging business.

In the past 10+ years in the home staging industry, I see so many talented home stagers come and go. It’s not that their staging isn’t on par, it’s because they don’t know how to run a business.

I’m here to help you not making those same mistakes.

In my Cash in the Cushion Boot Camp, I’ll share all the best practices, hacks, and mistakes I’ve made. I’ll let you peek under the hood and get access to my workflow, operations, and scripts that I’ve created to build a profitable 6-figure home staging business.

During this 6-week boot camp, you will get a new module every Monday for 6 weeks. On Fridays, we will have a live office hour call where I’ll answer all your questions. I also have guest experts contributing lessons on pricing, mindset, hiring and more!

Once you’ve enrolled, you own this material for the lifetime of the course. There’s no renewal fees (I’m not a huge fan of fees). You will never need to pay another cent on this course even if we raise the price, update and add more content. (Yay!)

It’s really important for me to make sure that you are successful with your business. That’s why I’ve created this boot camp.

This course is an in-depth look of the ins and outs of a home staging business, dealing with client objections, issues and all those annoying questions you don’t know how to answer, and building the dream home staging business you’ve always wanted.

The boot camp officially starts on December 19th and there will be a live office hour call every Friday to answer all your questions.

More details on the course here.

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