Review: Move Loot (Updated!)

**After using Move Loot for a few months, I’ve updated the review accordingly. — December, 2015.

***Latest update, Move Loot is now closed. — August, 2016

A 5,800 square feet warehouse sounds like a lot of space, but it is not infinite (unfortunate for my furniture- and prop-hoarding tendencies). Sis and I have always talked about doing a huge blown out sale at the studio but it always gets too crazy with projects and we never get around doing it.

It is important for us to retire inventory semi-regularly, because

  • we need new stuff to keep our look on trend and fresh
  • we do get a little tired seeing the same furniture over and over
  • we can recoup more return on investment on each piece that is being sold while it is still in its prime
  • we have limited shelf space. We can’t keep buying new stuff without making room for them!
  • We had tried garage sales and Craig’s List and both are not very successful methods. Garage sales are good but can be tough. They are a lot of work to host (we have to clear out space, determine what to sell, price individual piece, set up the merchandise, and block off sections of the studio so people are not wandering everywhere asking about things we are not selling). Our studio is also in a more industrial area. It can be a little tricky to find.

Craig’s List usually sucked. Mainly because a lot of people work during day time so we had to sit around after work waiting for someone to come see the furniture. People are almost always no show and never bother to call or text us. It had happened so many times we just don’t bother with Craig List’s anymore.

So retiring inventory has become such a headache, until we met Move Loot.

I was intrigued when Move Loot‘s Business Development Associate Eliza reached out to me and me and Yi Hsuen decided to give it try. It was also perfect timing. After a whirlwind last year, our studio was bursting. Because we had so much to sell on Move Loot, we qualified for bulk submission ($4k worth of furniture or 30+ items).


Review: Move Loot

Eliza & crew checking out our goods and evaluating if it is a good fit for Move Loot.


  • Free pick up, which is great. I really don’t want to pack, move and drag 30+ pieces of furniture to Dogpatch (even though I love Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous.) Oakland.
  • With part of the bulk submission process, we chose to let Move Loot price the items for us. This means that Move Loot will write the ad, take professional photos of the items and upload the photos. For us, this is a HUGE time and money saver. To be honest, with the amount of inventory that we have, it is difficult to keep track of purchasing costs and judging what they are worth to the general public. It is great that there are professionals who can do it for us and save us the headaches of administrative work of setting up for good sales photos, uploading them, writing cool marketing copy that sell and figuring out a good price to sell.
  • They take professional photographs. All the furniture pieces you see in the title graphic above are ours. They have the items professionally photographed in their studio, which is something we don’t have the bandwidth to do. Our Craig’s List photos are terrible in comparison, surrounded by other furniture, shot on our racks, bad lighting and the colors are not accurate. Move Loot takes multiple photographs, like our sectional ad below.

Review: Move Loot

Here is an example ad of one of our sectionals for sale.

  • No headaches. The whole process is pretty smooth and we are pretty much able completely be hands off during the pick up and selling processes.
  • When the item sells, we split 50-50 with Move Loot, and the funds are immediately funded electronically. We did the math, with all the work associated selling inventory on Craig’s List ourselves, we probably would come out roughly the same. Plus, there’s no haggling with potential buyers, which I really don’t like to do.
  • They price the items fairly well, which I was pretty impressed by. (See below for explanations)
  • We get our space back so we can get more new stuff! And more space for our dog to run around in the studio!

Review: Move Loot

Our corgi approves!


  • After trying them out for a few times, the pricing can be a bit funky. Some items that were expensive to acquire and were in fairly good conditions were marked down very heavily.
  • This is probably not a real con, because ultimately it protects the buyers. But to warn you, the movers are picky. And sometimes they are not very tactful while they are rejecting your submissions. They will scrutinize every little detail, smells, if items are wobbly, etc. Their people are generally nice to work with, but just be prepared that you may have a few rejects.
  • There are a lot of backlogs with bulk submission. It took about 3 weeks for our items to appear on their website.
  • This was something that I didn’t realize, but because we have so many submissions at once, items get lost in the system. Transactions that had happened never showed up in my account. I had to follow up with the rep to see what’s going on with specific items, which was worrisome to be honest.
  • Items also GET LOST physically. We submitted a coffee table and side tables set with glass top. They lost the glass top for the coffee table, but for some reason, Move Loot was only willing to reimburse us roughly the same price the side table was sold for, which didn’t make that much sense to me at all.
  • Also, items that were submitted together as complete sets were broken up and sold separately. For example, they break up the coffee table and side tables to be sold separately. Or a dining set was broken up where the table and matching chairs were sold separately. It just didn’t make sense to us at all.
  • Your stuff gets pretty beat up in their warehouse even though they were wrapped. We had a couch returned to us. It was in great condition when it went out. When we got it back, the feet were terribly scratched.


Overall we are happy lukewarm with our experience. Initially, we were very happy with our experiences, but as the company rapidly expands, it feels like we weren’t taken care of and our items were not taken care of. However, at the end of the day, Move Loot solves two critical problems for us: space & time.We get more storage space back, we are recouping part of our original investment and we basically delegated all the selling to

We get more storage space back, we are recouping part of our original investment and we basically delegated all the selling to Move Loot. I think Move Loot and its bulk submission process are great for stagers like me (even though there are still glitches). It is also great for homeowners who are moving. Basically once Move Loot makes the pickup, everything else is their headache.

If you are just selling a few pieces or don’t want to do bulk submission, you can submit individual items on their app as well, which Eliza had shown me how to do so. It is super simple. You take a photo of the item with your phone, input it into the app, and that’s it.

Review: Move Loot

Also, there are some cool stuff on the site. I’ve been eyeing this, this, this and this. (I really like chairs.) And THIS (oh man, I’m totally in love).

Here are some of the items we’ve listed for sale, in case you are interested:

Have you tried Move Loot? How was your experience? Do you have any suggestions on retiring old inventory? I’d love to hear from you!

Move Loot‘s services are now available in the Los Angeles, Raleigh, Durham, Charlotte, Atlanta and New York. There is an affiliate link in the post that gives you $25 when you sign up for an account (free to sign up!). Affiliate link simply means we get a small perk from Move Loot at no additional costs to you.

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