Successful Home Staging and Creating Win-Win Real Estate Sales with Bobbie McGrath | Season 4 Episode 6

Hey guys, welcome back to season 4 episode 6!

Happy labor day weekend for those of you who’re in the States listening to today’s podcast episode.

I’m really excited to interview Bobbie McGrath for today’s episode. She’s a highly sought after home stager, incredibly experienced and is a top trainer in real estate. Bobbie found her calling when she opened Successful Staging in Raleigh, NC in 2004. With a focus on practical and effective Staging techniques, Successful Staging quickly grew to one of the top Staging companies in the area. To date, she has Staged and/or consulted on well over 5,000 homes. In 2015 and 2016, Bobbie was recognized as one of the Top Ten Occupied Stagers in the United States by the RESA organization as well as top awards from In addition to Successful Staging, Bobbie has created educational courses for both Stagers and Realtors.

Bobbie is known for her passionate discussion of anything Staging and is continuously looking for new ideas to improve the Staging process. From neuro-marketing research to the “taste” of color Bobbie seeks cutting-edge techniques to get the Staging message across to homeowners and Realtors alike! I think today’s conversation was more geared toward business talk, especially if you’re a home stager or real estate agent. We talked about business models for both agents and home stagers. But if you’re a homeowner, I think it’s still important for you to listen to this conversation, because I do think there’s a lot of misunderstanding about how we work and understanding how home stagers work will make your process easier as well. We also talk about hiring the right professionals for your sale, so you should have a lot of takeaways as well.

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On Today’s Show, We Discussed:

On today’s show, we discussed:

  • Misinformation about what home staging is in Australia
  • Real estate model in Australia
  • Business model for real estate agents
  • Unethical behaviors by home sellers
  • Bobbie’s own personal experiences as a home seller
  • What home stagers do
  • Interior designers v. home stagers
  • North Carolina real estate market
  • Historic properties in Hillsborough
  • Occupied home staging
  • Vacant home staging, especially staging “the problem children”
  • Staging historical homes
  • Home stagers working as partners with real estate agents and how that changes realtors’ profits and business model
  • Why some spectacular homes don’t sell quickly
  • The importance of brand recognition in real estate
  • How can home stagers add to real estate agents’ business?
  • As home stagers, we need to understand our values and how to communicate that to our clients
  • How Bobbie convinces real estate agents to stage their properties
  • Changing clients’ mindset, interviewing the clients to be a partner with us instead of being someone’s help
  • When to fire clients
  • The importance of knowing your business and what you’re passionate about
  • Bobbie’s “holy trinity”
  • What’re the important key objectives of a home stager’s work
  • How being passionate about your work can open up doors to you
  • Dealing unwelcoming sellers who reject home staging
  • Home staging consultations can be a powerful technique for real estate agents to build their brands and for home sellers getting a higher ROI on their home sale
  • Making home staging accessible
  • Running a profitable successful home staging business
  • You can talk your way to a 6-figure home staging business
  • When house is too pretty, it actually hurts your sale?
  • Bobbie’s blue dress theory
  • How to find a reliable home stager and a real estate agent
  • How to see if an unethical stager had stolen someone else’s portfolio photos
  • Hire a home stager who has insurance
  • How realtors can incorporate home staging into their business models and make it a win win for themselves and the home sellers
  • How home staging can differentiate realtors from their competitions
  • How to get home sellers to have some skin in the game and commit to the staging for their sales
  • As a realtor, how you can put the values of staging into place before you meet with sellers
  • How a real estate agent can build a comprehensive marketing plan for home sellers
  • How international real estate markets are different than each other
  • Real estate market in Australia
  • How Bobbie pulls the house together
  • What words Bobbie never use with her clients
  • How Bobbie controls the rooms for staging her 5,000+ home staging projects
  • Neuro marketing
  • How to easily lose respect of your clients
  • What’s a red flag when you’re working with a new client
  • How to change the shape of the money and convince clients to book you
  • There comes a point when staging is no longer effective
  • Room dandruff
  • Dealing with seller clients who have attitude about working with you or about home staging
  • Book: Personality Plus
  • What’s a well-staged home
  • What makes great interior photos
  • Popular trends in real estate and decor right now across the country
  • Bobbie’s go to paint colors

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