Visual & Creative

Store & Window Display


We have worked with big brands and small in creating window, store, holiday and trade show displays. Our project scope generally involves working with store staff in creating and executing unique displays for store windows & interiors, from small to set installations.

Project scope had included:

+ Hand dyed, hand cut, large paper feathers
+ Hand strung paperclip screens for front of the store display. Final display, total of 78,000 paper clips!!
+ Hand embroidered screens
+ Wire paintings
+ Hand diecutted, hand dyed paper leaves sewn together for paper garlands
+ Using power tools to trim tree branches, painted, then hand tied with yarns for window display
+ Made life size winter animals using tissue paper and chicken wire
+ Large scaled paper prism garlands for holidays
+ On smaller display projects, prototyped and sketched concepts for DC’s approval
+ Hand sewing and embroidery
+ Using power tools to build custom display fixtures, shelves, etc for merchandise
+ Painted various props
+ Framing canvases for in-store artwork
+ Installed display shelvings for merchandise
+ Selected merchandise for display
+ Created visual displays in support of sales objectives for the trade show
+ Painted various items for set
+ Dressed and undressed mannequins in store
+ Installed sets for window display
+ Adjusted track lighting for windows
+ Upholstered items for sets
+ Detailing the window display space
+ Arranged floral for various arrangements in stores
+ Fabricated props for window display

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