Creating Wealth & Removing Your Money Blocks with Money Coach Denise Hughes | Season 4 Episode 5

Hey guys, welcome back to season 4 episode 5! Today’s the third and last episode of our 3-part money series, with Denise Hughes. I’m really excited to have Denise on the show. I had the opportunity to work with her for a little bit before and I find her incredibly nurturing and patient when it comes to dealing with money, especially at the time when we worked together, I had a lot of shame around my money. Normally the guest and I usually have a little chat before the show starts recording and I normally don’t put that in. But I put it in this time, because I feel that some of you may be able to find the conversation helpful, especially the topic today is all about money attitude, your mindset and how you can shift yourself toward wealth and abundance. 

Denise Hughes is a Money Coach, based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her mission is to educate and support women and couples in achieving their full financial potential, for themselves, their families and for generations to come. Journalists consider Denise an expert in matters relating to: love and money, the psychology of money, couples and money and mastering personal and business finances. Denise is frequently quoted in the

Wall Street Journal, Financial Advisor Magazine, Reader’s Digest, Parenting Magazine, San Jose Mercury News and is on the Guest Expert Panel for Money Magazine. Denise speaks at National Financial Planning conferences and is a regular presence at local speaking events in Silicon Valley. In 2008, the National Organization of “Make Mine a Million,” designated Denise as their Finance Coach to support women to grow their business to the million-dollar mark. Denise’s unique style and approach are the outcome of an educational background consisting of a Graduate degree in Counseling Psychology from Notre Dame de Namur University in Belmont, CA, a Certificate in Financial Counseling at the Financial Recovery Institute in San Rafael, CA, and a Certificate in Interactive Guided Imagery from the American Holistic Nurse’s Association. Denise also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing.

To learn more about Denise, visit her personal website at You can also connect with her on Facebook:

Before we get started today, I have a quick update on the business course I’ve been working on for new stagers in the field. The course is called Cash in the Cushions and there’re two parts to the course.

The first part is for someone who is completely new. You’re thinking about home staging as a career and you don’t know how to get into it. It’s going to be a mini course, in an ebook format to show you how to start your profitable home staging business in 30 days or less.

I get into:

  • how I personally got started as a home stager
  • how other people got started, different business models for home stagers
  • ways you can make money as a home stager
  • some brief overview on pricing your services
  • how to market yourself in the beginning
  • your website
  • building your portfolio
  • copyright issues you should be aware of when you’re working with photographers
  • building a successful relationship with your team and vendors
  • how to position yourself in the marketplace
  • common mistakes you can make as a home stager and how to avoid them
  • how much it can cost to start the business
  • the vision for your business, mid-term goals and long term goals.

It’s an ebook but it’s also a workbook. There will be worksheets in the book for you to go through. 

The second part is a full business course with 6 modules. It’s designed for those of you who’ve started your business and need more guidance on how to build a profitable business.

In the mini-course, we go over the foundation. In the full course, it’s going to be a boot camp. I basically let you look at all of my business operations, what I did well, what I’ve learned and what I wish I had done. The course will cover foundations, more pricing, working with clients, technology, tools that I use all the time, marketing strategies, hiring, how I hire and train my team members, what worked well and what didn’t work well, legal side of things, I’m going to show you my contract for example, why my lawyer and I wrote my contract this way, templates that I use, workflow I’ve created and scripts. I use scripts for a lot of things. I have email scripts about asking for contracts and payments, follow up with clients, dealing with client objections like “hey can you offer me a discount?” that type of thing. And the boot camp will come out around Thanksgiving time. This way, you have all of the holiday breaks and January to work on your business for the new year.

If you’re interested in signing up, the Cash in the Cushions mini-course will be available next week! The EARLY SEATING launch special will be live this weekend. If you’re interested, you can sign up to be notified by signing up for the email announcement on the show notes. See sign up box below to sign up for the Early Seating notification email.

Cash in the Cushion: Building a Profitable Home Staging Business Mini Course & Bootcamp

Hey! Finally, I'm launching a 2-part business course that tells you all the secrets, hacks, and expensive mistakes to avoid.

I'll show you my contracts, scripts I use when clients say the darnest things and give you my workflow that help me built a 6-figure home staging business. I'll also show you what are some of the best practices in my business, what I wish I had done better with and covering topics like sales, pricing, hiring, technology, marketing, legal and what happens when you hit 6-figure.

The first part, Cash in the Cushions mini course: How To Start Your Profitable Home Staging Business In 30 Days Or Less will be out at the end of the August!
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On Today’s Show, We Discussed:

  • Money as a mindset
  • How shifting your mindset can change your professional and personal life
  • Blind spots in our own money lives
  • Creating your money story
  • Money beliefs
  • Differences of money beliefs in marriage and how that impacts your relationship
  • The emotional part of money — how do we feel about wealth, about having more money in our lives
  • What a money coach does
  • Emotional money issues in selling real estate
  • Common money blocks we see for home sellers
  • Stanford study about how fear can lock us up from change
  • Common misconceptions about money
  • Prince charming isn’t coming
  • The emotion of shame in money
  • The importance of learning how money works
  • Money maturity
  • If you’re scared of money, money is scared of you
  • Learning the language of money
  • Dealing with your own fears, shames, the process of banging up yourself
  • Feminine approach to money attitude
  • How to learn more about money
  • How people unconsciously block their own money flow
  • Money blind spots and how to overcome them
  • Olivia Mellan — Money Harmony
  • What projections we put on money that doesn’t belong there
  • Having more peace and control over money
  • Money is one form of abundance
  • Disrespecting money
  • Be mindful of the flow of money
  • How to face your money fears
  • For every $10000 you put into your home to make the curb appeal better, you’ll probably receive _______ of your initial investment back
  • Confronting your fears head on
  • Money isn’t the only thing that funds your lifestyle choices
  • When money is an excuse
  • What kind of mindset you should have with money
  • How to empower yourself about money
  • The 4 internal dialogue with money
  • Foundations of building wealth
  • How much is enough
  • Janine Roth — Women Food & God
  • How do I create more with what I already have?
  • The energy of gratitude in our lives
  • Book: Earn Save Spend Give: 4 Things to Do with Your Money and How to Make it All Work
  • Real estate as an investment strategy
  • Financial mistakes people make when they’re selling their homes
  • The point of home staging
  • The #1 mistake sellers make when they sell their house
  • Feng Shui for your home
  • How to improve your creativity and productivity
  • The energy flow of your homeIf you enjoy the show, please leave a review & rating on iTunes! <3



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