Project Home #5: Weekend Project: Living Room Reset

Hey, TGIF! Welcome to your first weekend project. For the next couple days, let’s go for a meatier project — resetting your living room.

The living room is often where we relax or entertain friends and family. It can also be a space where we overdecorate and keep on adding. Living room in a lot of ways is an easy target.

People tend to accumulate every decorative object, tchotchke, travel memorabilia, etc. they come across in their paths and display them in the living room. Over time, the collection may no longer make sense, or look mismatched. It’s the same with the day-to-day stuff. It’s very easy coming home after a long day at work, just plunk everything down in the living room to deal with later.

I often get asked about how to create a room that looks like the ones in magazines or catalogs. It’s basically the similar concept as staging homes: you need to edit and be intentional about how you want the room to serve you.

Your First Weekend Project:

With our day-to-day living, it’s easy to let stuff accumulate. Let’s work on un-accumulate the living room this weekend. There are two parts to your weekend project.


I know it sounds sucky, but you’ll feel SO good once it’s done. I promise. This is something that you must do; there’s just no way around it. Cleaning makes a major difference in how your home looks and feels. Accordingly to HomeGain’s study, cleaning & de-cluttering has an average of 403% Return on Investment, and 99% of real estate agents polled recommended it. So yes, let’s roll up those sleeves and do it.

Vacuum your rug, clean the floor (swiffer, mop, etc.) and remove any boxes from your floor, bags full of stuff, etc and start putting stuff away in your home or your Outbox.


Take a good look at your living room. Do you need all the decorative accessories in your home? Or is your sofa or soft goods (pillow, throws, etc.) starting to look a bit tired? Do you need artwork?

One of the tricks when I redecorate client’s home is that I pulled all the decorative pieces off the walls and surfaces, then I “shopped” from the pile (or add from my own stash if I feel that I need additional props or artwork) and add the decorative accessories to the room until I feel the room looks just enough.


Just because you have the room, it doesn’t mean you need to style every single corner and nook and crannies. Negative space is an important concept in styling and design. When you have negative space, it helps to bring out the focal point of the space.


Greenery is great and an easy way to breathe life into any space. Got a black thumb? So do I! But having air plants and succulents helped me feel more comfortable around plants, and I’m happy to report my thumbs are no longer black. Start small, if you don’t want plants, get some fresh flowers. This little change will shift the energy in the room and elevate your living room instantly.

The idea of this weekend project is to help you create a more simplified and intentional space. By editing your decorative accessories to a more cohesive collection or style and removing clutter, you’ll have a more pleasant and stylish living room to relax and entertain in!

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