How Home Staging Helped This Listing Sold $308,000 Overasking

We recently staged a 2000 square feet, 4BR/2BA vacant home in the Laurel Heights neighborhood of San Francisco. Here is an example of how home staging can transform a house and create a great first impression for buyers.

Listing details: Listed at $1,300,000 // 3 Beds // 2.5 Baths // 2,000 Sq. Ft. // Built: 1915

SOLD $1,608,000 => $308,000 OVERASKING

What was done to prep the home for staging:

1. Repainted to refresh & update the interior colors

2. Plastic blinds were removed to let more lights in.

3. Outdated and dark carpet was removed and hardwood floor was refinished

4. Trims and molding received a fresh coat as well, using glossy white color to provide a contrast against the interior colors.

How home staging helped listing sold $300k overasking

Here is what we did to stage the home for sale:

5. We added an area rug to anchor the space. The accent colors on the rug also added visual interests to the room.

6. In the before photo, the loveseat blocked the fireplace, which was a great architecture detail that got lost. The new furniture placement created a conversational area for the living room. We had played with a few different possible scenarios. This was the best solution that we feel would showcase the details in the home best.

7. We love layering different colors and textures in our stagings. For example, blue is the main color in the decor in the living room. We selected a piece of artwork for the mantle that has different shades of blue in it. The throw has another shade of blue as well. By utilizing different shades and hues of blue, we create depth and visual interests in the room. The colors of the other 3 pieces of the artwork are mainly black, white and gray, which still carries visual weight in the room, but are not overwhelming or overpowering the centerpiece on the mantle.

8. We use pops of colors throughout the room to draw the eyes: the orange-red vases on the bookshelf, orange storage jars inside of the shelving, pops of pinks and yellows from the floral, sofa bamboo yellow bowl with bright apple greens on the apples and on the pillow on the sofa. There are also green and red on the area rug. All these layering and pops of colors make the home inviting and visually pleasing.

Here is the gallery of our home staging work at this listing:


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  • I love the transformation of the living room. I didn’t notice all the wonderful architectural detailing in the before, but your paint job and staging really highlights it beautifully! I am curious about the kitchen, though. Would painting the cabinets and backsplash tile not have gotten a good return on investment? Are you assuming that the next buyer is likely to do a complete remodel of the kitchen and bath, so the seller wouldn’t recoup any money put into these spaces? Just wondering (I am thinking of painting my good condition, honey-spice, solid maple kitchen cabinets before selling, so I am curious. )
    By the way, I just discovered your podcasts and love them. I already listened to the first 6 today!!
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

    • Hi Phyllis,

      That is so great to hear! I’m so happy to hear that you like the podcast. It is a labor of love. I’m recording more contents now, and new episodes will be back in a week of so. 🙂

      The homeowner of this particular project doesn’t want to invest more money on the project. I think they could’ve benefited from it. The other thing to consider is that in our market, they can get away with it. Most projects in this neighborhood either have updated the kitchen and bath, or they have not been updated since the houses were built. Ultimately it depends on your market.

      I had written a post on this topic: . Please let me know your thoughts!