Occupied Home Staging with Top Home Stager Michelle Finnamore | Season 4 Episode 10

Hey guys, welcome back to season 4 episode 10! So on this week’s show, I have Michelle Finnamore on the show to talk about occupied home staging, which means that you’re living in your home while you sell your house. If you had listened to last week’s show with Karen Otto, you’ll probably realize that I had asked exactly the same questions for both guests, with the exception of the follow-up questions to their answers. The reason why I did this was because that both of them are in very different markets. Karen is in Texas, United States, and Michelle is in Toronto, Canada. You’ll see how geography impacts their methods and approaches. While a lot of things are similar, a lot of things are also very market specific.

Michelle’s staging and design work have been featured on HGTV, Fox TV and CBC Radio One. Identifying the ideal client was a key factor in creating a home staging company that has attracted sellers and agents and led to her moniker of being named the Go To Girl when you are looking to sell a property.

Recently Michelle has been awarded RESA Top Ten Stager Canada in 2015 as well as CSP International Master Stager.

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On Today’s Show, We Discussed:

  • Current market in Toronto
  • Upcoming trends for rest of 2016 and 2017
  • Some of the advantages to live in the home while you’re selling
  • Some of the common challenges of occupied homes
  • What Karen’s process like when she approaches occupied homes 
  • What are some of the things the homeowners should be aware of when they’re living in the home while the house is on the market
  • What Karen recommends these sellers do when they’re going to live in the home while they’re selling their house
  • What are some of Karen’s ideas to get the home ready for an open house quickly
  • What are some of the things buyers get put off by when they tour homes that are occupied by sellers
  • What can the sellers do to prevent that
  • The actual staging day for Karen
  • What does Karen do as a home stager when she’s staging an occupied house
  • What Karen wishes the homeowners know before she comes over to stage their homes
  • If a homeowner wants to put their home on the market while they’re living in it, how early should they start the prepping process
  • And what should they do to get started
  • What does Karen find challenging when it comes to occupied homes
  • Say a homeowner wants to stage the home themselves, what would Karen recommend them to do
  • How can the homeowners keep up the staging while their houses are on the market
  • How about if the sellers have kids or pets, here are some of the additional tips that Karen has for them
  • What are some of Karen’s favorite styling tips
  • Karen’s favorite props 
  • Karen’s one tip you’ll give to homeowners who’re going to live in the home while they’re selling

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Connect with Michelle

Her website: www.michellefinnamore.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MichelleFinnamoreInteriorsLtd

Twitter: https://twitter.com/homestarstaging

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/therealgotogirl

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