Hello! We’re always looking for opportunities to collaborate and do interesting & creative projects. Cindy is available for styling, consulting, blogging, podcast interviews and photography work.

P.S. Please note that

  • Inventory purchases: We are not interested in purchasing new inventory or any home staging business.
  • SEO Ranking: If you’re writing us about SEO rankings, Google rankings or any kind of internet marketing services, your email is automatically ignored and forwarded to Department of Justice as SPAM.
  • Questions about running a home staging business: If you’re writing in for Cindy to answer any of your questions about home staging or how to run a home staging business, Cindy will be happy to respond. However, if the answer takes more than 15 minutes to respond, the Q&A may be used in a blog post or podcast episode (with your name changed for privacy purposes).
  • Contributing to our blog: We get pitches daily. If you’re interested in writing for our blog, please read our Contributor’s Guideline prior to email us.